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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation - Legal Costs

When two or more parties are embroiled in legal action, it can result in a very complex case. Makes sure that you have a costs specialist that understands all the aspects of the litigation that has happened.

We work closely with our Solicitor clients in order to ensure that your return on this work is maximised and we are experienced in preparing both short form and detailed Bills of Costs as well as covering all ancillary aspects of costs recovery.

2022 has been a tough year for the legal arena. There are increasing pressures by the Government, fixed costs and an ever changing landscape - just to name a few. With all these burdens to contend with, Solicitors and Fee Earners need to focus on what they do best, and this is dealing with the main action.

Legal Costs, over the last few years, has become ever more complex and in some cases have even become more complex than the actual main action. Most legal firms cannot account for these added complications, neither in time or skill, so it is always better to employ the use of a Law Costs Draftsman.

In the majority of cases, the costs for employing the use of a Law Costs Draftsman can be recovered from the paying party. This means that there is unlikely to be any real cost to your firm.

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